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Program of the 2nd Math Camp for Secondary School Students

As we noted in an earlier post published in Math News category, another math camp is going to be held. Please read below the program of the event or download it by clicking on the link. The file should download fast because it is a 1-page pdf file consuming 61 KB memory.


Friday, 19th May, 2017

14:00-14:40 „Means and Inequalities”
14:40-15:10 Tutorial, basic problems in Inequalities
15:10-16:00 „Solve contest problems in Inequalities”

Saturday, 20th May, 2017

8:30-9:40 „More about Equations”
9:40-10:30 Solving problems in Equations
10:30-11:10 „Functions and Functional Equations”
11:10-12:00 Tutorial, mini quiz, discussion
12:00 Lunch break
14:00-14:40 „More about Congruences”
14:40-15:10 Tutorial, basic problems on Congruences
15:10-16:10 Final test
16:10 Closing ceremony

Participants are encouraged to visit the Problems and Solutions pages since most of the material of the camp is available there. Lectures and tutorials will be held by Professor László Székelyhidi.