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My Math Message for You...

This site is to prove – yes, to prove as math is about proving – that

math is fun – math is toy – math is lovely – math is joy!

the-author of mymath4u prof-szekelyhidi-with-a-cheetah

 The above small “poem” can be the epigraph of this site —  let’s see it again when formatted:

  • Math is fun, math is toy,
  • Math is lovely, math is joy.

Of course, we can create some music to these words, because math is music, too! And then we can continue as

  • Math is charm, math is art,
  • Math is music, math is bright.

Well, you may say that your experience is that math is not the simplest playing device, it can be really hard. To be honest we have to admit:

  • Math is deep, math is fight,
  • Math is complex, math is hard.

All in all, math is a very special device and I want to convince you about its unique beauty. Oh yes, in addition it is extremely useful in our everyday life, it is simply indispensable. It’s not just the ivory tower: it is with us all the time wherever we come and go, whatever we think or do. It never cheats us: it’s just math.

  • Math is true, math is nice,
  • Math is faithful, math is life.

The aim of this site

  • On this site you will be guided through simple, less simple and not-at-all simple math problems, their solutions, and some of their applications. This site may even help you to prepare for math competitions — it may serve as a training.
  • In addition, I want to inform you about miscellaneous math events, peculiarities, puzzles, discoveries and other interesting things in math.
  • I also intend to share my thoughts with you on math, as I’m a “mathoholic” and this disease can be cured by sharing, but not healed.
  • I am ready to reply to your questions in case you have any, and if I know the answer. In fact, I want to prove each and every line written above.
  • Finally, I want you to agree with the statement: math is one of the most amazing adventure in the world.

You can find math problems on the page “Solve and send”. If you send me your solutions, I will give you my feedback on your work. I suggest that you study and solve these problems if you want to take part in international math competitions where you will meet more difficult problems.

The best and most interesting solutions given by any student will be shown to the public. If you work hard, your name could become famous through My Math 4 You.

Who is behind this site?

I am Professor László Székelyhidi, a “mathoholic” – as earlier described myself. I have been teaching math for decades. If you want to know more about me please visit my personal website by clicking on the link.


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