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Mathematics Camp in Gaborone, Botswana

Though schools are closed for a short break in Gaborone, 27 secondary secondary school students sacrificed their time to attend a math camp. These boys and girls were invited to participate in this special training because they had showed their talent in mathematics during the previous math contests. The Mathematical Association of Botswana (MAB) and Professor László Székelyhidi put a lot of effort to prepare the program for this 3-day event.

Mr. Mmoloki Lekhutlile, Vice Chairperson of MAB, opened the math camp. He also gave a short talk on the history of  the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and on the participation of Botswana team.

On the first two days of the math camp the students attended lectures from 8:30 am. to 4 pm.  Prof. Székelyhidi explained them a lot of tricks of solving mathematical problems. After a specific section the learners were given a quiz consisting of 2 or 3 questions.

Those mini „exams” were not aimed to get good marks, but to show students  how much they had understood from the lectures. Each question was thoroughly discussed later so that everybody could check the correct solution.

On the third day, the students received a more complicated test consisting of 8 math problems. They had 2 hours to solve the questions. You can see / download the problem sheet and solve the questions at home. If you get stuck, you will find the fully explained solutions from the link.

After the test, Mr. Mathews Masole, the Chairperson of MAB and Mr. Mmoloki Lekhutlile, Vice Chairperson of MAB, concluded the math camp. One of the students also spoke on behalf of his peers and expressed their thanks for all who made this math camp possible. Finally, Prof. Székelyhidi handed over a Certificate of Attendance to each student.