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Easter Math Challenge in Botswana

Just a fews days before the Easter Holidays, on 27 March, twenty secondary school students participated in a mathematics contest which took place at Lotsane Senior Seconday School, in Palapye, Botswana.

The contest was organized by Prof. Laszlo Szekelyhidi and Ms. Sebaameng Samuel, Teaching Instructor, both working at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, BIUST with the help of local mathematics teachers. Students had 60 minutes to solve 20 questions.

Congratulations to the best three students who are:




If you are interested in the Easter Math Challenge problems, please click on blue the link. The sheet consists of 6 pages, the last one contains the keys to the exercises. The file is in pdf format, only 139 KB in size. So if you want to solve the questions on your own, don’t look at the 6th page. Test yourself and see how many correct answers you could give.

Easter Math Challenge, Lotsane Senior Secondary School, Palapye

During the contest some more pictures were taken which you can see in the Gallery.