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Botswana invitational math contest final round

Your goal is close!

In Botswana, a lot of secondary school students interested in mathematics have gone through some tough weeks. Their math knowledge was tested, they had show how creative they are in math thinking. The number of originally 208 participants has shrank to 128 then to 35.

These 35 boys and girls have been selected to participate in the final round. As planned, the best 10-12 learners of the finalists will be given training and could become a member of Botswana Team to represent the country at future international math competitions.

The final round will be held at 2:15 pm; on Monday, 3rd April, 2017. Venue: Maruaplua School, North West Campus.

We will inform you about the final results as soon as we have received them. Until then, best wishes and good luck to the competitors!